movie name : The Good Guys The Whistleblower
actress name : Monet Mazur
character name : The Cleaner
year : 2010
defeated by : knocked out

In tv show The Good Guys season 1 episode titled The Whistleblower aired 2010. actress Monet Mazur plays as villainess The Cleaner.

Monet Mazur as villainess The Cleaner in The Whistleblower The Good Guys

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movie name : Silent Hunter
actress name : Lynne Adams
character name : Anna
year : 1995
defeated by : stabbed

In 1995 movie Silent Hunter. actress Lynne Adams plays as villainess Anna.


Lynne Adams as sexy villainess Anna in Silent Hunter

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movie name : CSI: NY DOA for a Day
actress name : Kam Heskin
character name : Suspect X
year : 2008
defeated by : shot

In tv show CSI: NY season 4 episode titled DOA for a Day aired 2008. actress Kam Heskin plays as villainess Suspect X.


Kam Heskin as villainess Suspect X in DOA for a Day CSI: NY

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movie name : Beauty and the Beast Don't Die on Me
actress name : Haley Webb
character name : Laura Scott
year : 2014
defeated by : impaled

In tv show Beauty and the Beast season 2 episode titled Don't Die on Me aired 2014. actress Haley Webb plays as villainess Laura Scott.


Haley Webb as villainess Laura Scott in Don't Die on Me Beauty and the Beast

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movie name : Open Fire
actress name : Marjorie Andrade and Brenda Swanson
character name : Belasco and Kesack
year : 1994
defeated by : knocked out, shot


In 1994 movie Open Fire. actresses Marjorie Andrade and Brenda Swanson play as female villains Belasco and Kesack.


Marjorie Andrade and Brenda Swanson as sexy villainess Belasco and Kesack in Open Fire

movie name : The Baader Meinhof Complex
actress name : Alexandra Maria Lara
character name : Petra Schelm
year : 2008
defeated by : headshot


In 2008 movie The Baader Meinhof Complex. actress Alexandra Maria Lara plays as villainess Petra Schelm.





Alexandra Maria Lara as sexy villainess Petra Schelm in The Baader Meinhof Complex

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movie name : Van Helsing Everything Changes
actress name : Ona Grauer
character name : Vampire Queen Maya
year : 2017
defeated by : stabbed

 In tv show Van Helsing season 2 episode titled Everything Changes aired 2017. actress Ona Grauer plays as Vampire Queen Maya.




Ona Grauer as sexy Vampire Queen Maya in Everything Changes Van Helsing

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