movie name : Bulletproof Monk
actress name : Victoria Smurfit
character name : Nina
year : 2003

In 2003 movie Bulletproof Monk. actress Victoria Smurfit plays as villainess Nina. Victoria Smurfit is one of my favorite actresses of all time, I loved every evil character she played, and she's also extremely beautiful and talented, and Nina is just amazing character that will always be iconic for me, really love Nina💖💖💖.



Victoria Smurfit as evil babe Nina in Bulletproof Monk

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movie name : Two Shades of Blue
actress name : Patsy Pease
character name : Gwen Reynolds
year : 1999

In 2000 movie Two Shades of Blue. Actress Patsy Pease plays as villainess Gwen Reynolds.


Patsy Pease as evil babe Gwen Reynolds in Two Shades of Blue

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movie name : Van Helsing In Redemption
actress name : Gia Crovatin and Laura Mennell
character name : Anastasia and Rebecca
year : 2017

In tv show Van Helsing season 2 episode titled In Redemption aired 2017. actresses Gia Crovatin and Laura Mennell play as female villains Anastasia and Rebecca.







Gia Crovatin and Laura Mennell as evil babes Anastasia and Rebecca in In Redemption Van Helsing

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movie name : No Code of Conduct
actress name : Tina Nguyen
character name : Shi
year : 1998

In 1998 movie No Code of Conduct. actress Tina Nguyen plays as villainess Shi. I remember watching No Code of Conduct for first time on TV, and I felt in love with Shi's beautiful eyes, and so many years later and still love her as much as ever, she will always be one of my favorite evil babes, will always love you, Shi ❤️❤️❤️.


Tina Nguyen as evil babe Shi in No Code of Conduct

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movie name : Shattered
actress name : Lilly Krug
character name : Sky
year : 2022


 In 2022 movie Shattered. actress Lilly Krug plays as villainess Sky. Incredible and very talented actress, can't believe she didn't make many movies after this one.


Lilly Krug as evil babe Sky in Shattered

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movie name : Judas Kiss
actress name : Beverly Hotsprings
character name : Space Vixen
year : 1998

In 1998 movie Judas Kiss. actress Beverly Hotsprings plays as villainess Space Vixen.



Beverly Hotsprings as Space Vixen in Judas Kiss

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movie name : The Blacklist The Osterman Umbrella Company
actress name : Gia Crovatin
character name : Assasin aka Rachel
year : 2019

In tv show The Blacklist season 6 episode titled The Osterman Umbrella Company aired 2019. actress Gia Crovatin plays as gorgeous evil Assasin. Love you, Rachel, or whatever your real name is, you are stunningly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️.



Gia Crovatin as evil babe Rachel in The Osterman Umbrella Company The Blacklist

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